Saturday, 13 March 2010

Catch Up

So in the last few month's I've been really busy putting all of the work I'd been doing since September into a portfolio, essay and proposal, which concluded the first part of my MA in Arts Management. It was a really useful time for me to collect everything that I had been doing and to quantify where I'm trying to get to.

Since the hand-ins, i must admit, I've been taking it easy. Although, I have put in a funding application to Somerset Vounty Council for £600 and the Arts Council South West have received a draft application, which I have had feedback on. All of which is looking very promising. I have set myself deadlines and I'm really excited about getting this project off the ground.

The project will consist of -
1. A one day residency for visual artists in Somerset to work in collaboration to create a temporary piece of art.
2. A two week exhibition of short art films, which will be placed into a film library. There will be ten films all together and as the audience enters into the space they can decide what film(s) from the library they would like to watch whilst visiting the exhibition.
3. A evening of progress, for artists, arts professionals and communities members to really investigate what is needed and ways forward for the visual arts in Somerset.
4. A month long residency for three artists to create new work in collaboration with the public. The artwork will be placed into a weekend long exhibition.

These events will all take place in Somerset within the months of June, July and August 2010. The aims and objectives of the project is to create a model of practice that will support and increase the level of visual arts being produced and exhibited within the county of Somerset.

Still to be confirmed is the dreaded the space. The space for the day residency (Sharing Lab), is confirmed, but the other elements of the project are not. The choses are (in order of preference) -
1. A contemporary portakabin. This all depeneds on whether the business gets funding this year.
2. The exhibition will tour the county and be a series of outside projections. Obvioulsy this chose id just for the exhibition.
3. A marquee

My dissertation will use the evaluation of the project to investigate the models of practice to support the visual arts in rural settings - comparing Somerset to other rural settings within the UK and Europe.

So, best get started.

If you are interested in any part of the project or my ongoing academic research please don't hesitate to contact me on

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