Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Trailer to my P401 presentation now taking place on Monday 18th January -

Monday, 4 January 2010

MA project - update

The project is coming together well - I've put together a rough budget, ideas about the spaces are starting to work and I've got confirmation from a curator that I've asked to work on the exhibition with me. Over the next few weeks my ideas and thought processes so far will be culminated in the creation of my MA portfolio, my proposals and essays for part 1 of my MA. One thing I'm hoping to have done by mid January is a completion of interviews and research into rural arts, Somerset arts and my project. I'm also planning on using the next month to put together my funding applications for the project so that once my MA part 1 is complete I can start working on setting my project up and managing it.

As I've been putting all of my gathered information together and continuing conversations with fellow professionals in the area of rural arts I started to think about the bigger picture and the business that I'm hoping to set up through my MA. By doing this MA not only have I know got a basic understanding of how to set up a company but I also have a better understanding about the aims for the organisation.

There is a state of unknown future of the arts in Somerset at the moment as the Arts Council South West have commissioned work to look into how the arts are delivered and how they might be brought together  to be more cohesive. As part of my research for my project and business I plan on getting to know this commission better so that I am successful.

I feel that my project is now at a stage where I have collected so many opinions, ideas and inspirations that I can now start putting everything together in order to make it work. The first four months of my MA have been really helpful for me and my practice.

Transferable spaces

Over the Christmas break I have been considering certain practicalities of my project. The main one being how to go about getting a space to use and what kind of space should I be looking to use. The space needs to be secure, accessible, have a supply of heating and electricity, be able to be moved from site to site, can be used to exhibit art in and is not a village hall, caravan, barn or shed. The things that I have been looking into include flat pack spaces that are mainly used as alternative conservatories, detached garages (very shed like), containers and the latest idea that a certain architect gave me, was portacabins.

I've also been thinking about ways in which future projects for the spaces could look at how artists work in communities of Somerset and in collaboration to decorate the outside of the spaces into pieces of public art.