Wednesday, 9 December 2009

How do you judge quality?

Within the language that I use to describe my projects aims and objectives I constantly use the word 'quality'. But what do I mean?

As I've mentioned in the blog already, my perception of the visual arts in Somerset as I was growing up was one that thought little to know contemporary conceptual art was being exhibited in the county and I felt the need to look elsewhere to find it. By no means am I suggesting that all contemporary conceptual art is of high 'quality' but it is challenging, provocative and of relevance to British art, if not worldly arts. This is how I define quality within the arts - thought provoking, engaging, pushing the boundaries and raising the level of skill amongst other elements.

This blog could very easily go around in circles and ask questions such as 'what is art?' and as most of us would agree the answer to such questions are opinion based. Therefore is the question of 'what is quality?' opinion based and by me using it to try to define what I'm aiming to do it could conjure a completely different representation to someone else and therefore not be descriptive at all?

So to change the way I describe my aims and objectives I will now be saying that I want to provide space for artists to create and show ground breaking, provocative and engaging contemporary art in semi-permanent spaces in Somerset.

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