Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My MA project - blog number 2 (an update)

Here's just a quick update on the project that I plan on delivering in the next year.

An opportunity for contemporary visual artists living and working in Somerset to come together to share working practice, create dialogue and share concerns and to look at ways to work together on future projects.

A exhibition of contemporary visual arts in a semi-permanent space that will tour Somerset to break down issues of access and provide communities with creative provision. This event will also bring local artists together and will involve a event that invites artists, councilors and arts advocates to share a meal and discuss topics around the project, somerset arts and rural arts in general.

Once the exhibition has taken place the space will be turned into a studio for an artist(s) to use on a long term and to sustain the provision.

This will all take place at the start of the summer in 2010 and once it has taken place the evaluation will go into my dissertation which is still going to be looking at the notions of context dependable art and whether the meaning and engagement of the art changes depending on the space it was made and then shown / toured to.

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